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  Chung Yu Industry Co., Ltd. (SunYu Friends Industrial Co., Ltd) is a large manufacturing company with professional experience, innovative ideas that produces high quality Healds for the textile machinery industry.
  Since its first establishment in 1978, Chung Yu Industry Co., Ltd strives to provide customers with excellent quality and uphold management of manufactured products, following a stable quality management that is based on the notion of strict and immediate service with the goal to achieve customer satisfaction.

  Based on this strong belief, our company continues to expand our customer base and achieved outstanding sales performance. Our company is highly committed in upgrading the production technologies proactively and introducing the most advanced equipments to enhance our core competitiveness in the industry.
  In the future, we strive to become the leading enterprise in this industry through continuous research and development to offer our clients with high quality products.

Historical evolution
Chung Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. (Sun Yu Industrial Co., Ltd. Friends)
Establishment of heald plant and development of the "mirror treatment"
Stainless steel heald has been developed.
Set up a second plant in New Taipei City.
Plastic heald has developed BES.
Core of enterprise




Competitivenese and Enterprise Curtural Refoems

  • Proactively emphasizing on quality, management, attaining lowest cost and improving the process for production technologies in order to strengthen and differentiate our products from our competitors and increase our competitiveness.
  • Rigorous marketing channels for our products and aggressively seeking for expansion for our overseas market, together with high quality products to be delivered in a timely manner at reasonable prices.
  • The management team of our company seeks for precise and efficiency as the main targets, based on the many years of production experiences that the company possesses to integrate the complex technology management within the industry in order to shorten the delivery period, upgrading our products' quality while effectively controlling the cost.
  • Based on the notions of timely and trustworthy enterprise management, stable and solid grounds on our enterprise's development, avoiding blindly expanding production capacity have allowed our company to keep growing steadily.
  • We cooperate with both local and international renown companies from whom we received strong support on the purchase of our products.